Don’t need our full catering service? Our Verde Buffet To Go package is an easy, delicious dining solution for parties of 20 or more guests.


Our menu features fresh, locally sourced produce, meats, dairy & tortillas.
We do not use any ingredients containing gluten.

Choice of Corn Tortilla Chips & Salsa or Mixed Green Salad*
Choice of Two Main Entrees
Selection of Rice & Beans*
Shredded Lettuce, Mixed Cheeses, Sour Cream
Avocado Salsa & Fresh Pico de Gallo*
Corn Tortillas* (optional)

*All sides, including salad, chips, salsa, rice, beans, & corn tortillas are vegan.

Our To-Go Package Includes

Reusable Buffet Kits and Serveware
Compostable Silverware, Paper Plates and Napkins
Delivery and Set-up Service within the Portland Metro

Pricing per Person

based on the number of guests in your party

20-34 people: $25 pp
35 - 44 people: $23 pp
45 - 59 people: $22 pp
60+ people: $20 pp

If you wish to order additional items outside of our standard to-go offering, please indicate this on the order form. We will follow up by email with per person pricing information for your add-ons.



Your Menu Selections
Please make your selection. Both options are vegan.
Please make your selection. *Vegan
Please make your selection. *Vegan
If you would like to order additional main entrees, please list them here. We will follow up by email with per person pricing for the additions.
Please select one. Our rice options are vegan.
Please select one. Our bean options are vegan.
Would you like us to include hand grilled corn tortillas to your order? Tortillas are vegan and made locally in a dedicated gluten free facility.
Please let us know if you or your guests have any food sensitivities or allergies that we should be aware of.
Order Details
Example: Birthday, Business Luncheon, Baby Shower
Contact Information for Person Ordering *
Contact Information for Person Ordering
Phone *
(20 person minimum)
Delivery & Set Up Details
Delivery Date *
Delivery Date
Additional Day-of Contact Person
Additional Day-of Contact Person
Delivery Contact Number
Delivery Contact Number
Please list any additional contact names and phone numbers for day of delivery.
Delivery Address (if different than billing)
Delivery Address (if different than billing)
Please provide the cross street or location of the loading zone if applicable.
Please include access details if applicable.
If the dining location is only accessible by stairs, please select "No."
Include Compostable Silverware, Paper Plates & Napkins (at no extra charge)